landscaping landscaping Paver Brick Paver Brick can be used as sidewalks,patios and driveways.It is a beautiful and longer lasting alternitive to poured concrete. 134121954 Retaining walls This is a quarry grey modular block retaining wall. It has a blended color of natural grey and charcoal.These walls come with a 5 year warrenty for failure of wall. 134121955 Driveway Retaining Walls Long lasting and Beautiful.Pictures are with a red/black blended color block. 134121956 Driveway retaining wall 134121957 Driveway retaining wall 134121958 134121959 134121960 134121961 134121962 Steps modular block 134121963 Steps modular block 134121964 Boulder planter wall 134121965 Tan beveled Modular block 134121966 134121967 134121968 Cornerstone wall/cobble faced 134121969 Corner stone planter/cobble faced 134121970 Cornerstone planter 134121971 Paver brick patio with border 134121972 Paver brick patio with border 134121973 Red/Black blend terrace wall 134141200 Sienna Blend Retaining wall 134141202 Sienna Blend Retaining Wall These photos show good examples of terracing with 2 walls 134141204 Sienna Blend Retaining Wall 134141206 Sienna Blend Retaining Wall 134141208